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Google Account Password Recovery

Google provides lot many online services like GMail, Google Documents, Image Search, Google News, Google Maps and others. A user creates a Google Account which gives a username and password, and the same credentials are used to access all Google services. Since, a single credential is used to access all the services, it is very important to keep the password safe and secure. Note: It is recommende

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Firefox Saved Passwords

Firefox, a major web browser available in the market today, offers a well-defined built-in feature for storing your passwords for the websites you visit in that browser. It is an optional feature, meaning you can set Firefox to store or not to store the passwords. If enabled, the browser asks you to click Remember Password whenever you login into a new website. Moreover, you need not enter those c

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The DCOM DLL Host Process is executed by Dllhost.exe file and is commonly located in C:\\Windows\\System32 directory under Windows. It is a signed file by Microsoft. It majorly controls various processes in IIS (Internet Information Services) server, .Net Framework and related runtime. Windows can have numerous instances of Dllhost.exe running concurrently. If Dllhost.exe file is found at any othe

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Computer Virus

Possibly the single most frightening computing practice is when you discover that your computer has been infected with a virus. Your information may be lost forever, and you can’t maintain your computer from crashing long enough to secure it. More often, you end up killing valuable beneficial time trying to undo the severe damage caused. The miserable thing is, bulks of malicious software are wr

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How does a Computer Virus Work

There are millions of viruses present these days, and new viruses originating every day. It is awfully tricky to provide you with a standard explanation of how viruses function, because they all have differences in the manner they infect or the method they spread. Hence, in this article, I have explained it bearing in mind few broad groups that are usually used to illustrate different types of vir

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What are the other Malicious Software

The new-age computing has also brought about a new breed of malicious software. Today, the word ‘virus’ has developed into a common term, normally used for all the ways a computer can be attacked by malicious software. In addition to the regular type of computer viruses, here is a glance at some of the newer malicious software problems we face nowadays. Trojan Horses The principal variation be

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10 Best Antivirus Software and Firewalls

There are several customized security solutions available for just about every kind of user today. While the suspicious few may like to stack up a number of applications, just to be sure that their computer is secure from every threat in existence. Some are more than happy with barebones anti-virus software. We have highlighted some anti-virus and firewall packages that may be perfect for your com

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How to Remove Computer Viruses

Has a virus infected your computer? No problem, we have a solution!! There’s always a way to get free of viruses; the major thing is, you should to know what to do and not to lose patience. If you get frightened and format the hard drive, you will most probably forget to get a backup of data and lose upon some critical information. Just stay calm and perform the following steps as per your circu

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Common Virus Symptoms and Precautions

The difficulty concerning virus and malicious attacks is that unless your anti-virus software alerts you of the infection, you have no method of being sure that your computer is not infected. However, there are a small number of virus infection symptoms that you should keep an eye for. Following are the most general symptoms experienced from a virus infection or a malicious attack: Computer const

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How do I Avoid Computer Infection

There’s never truly an approach of being strictly protected from viruses and malicious software attacks, particularly when your computer is constantly connected to an external network or the Internet. There is a likelihood that a virus will get to your computer before the resident anti-virus program (anti-virus software installed on your computer) is even aware of its existence. However, there a

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