Possibly the single most frightening computing practice is when you discover that your computer has been infected with a virus. Your information may be lost forever, and you can’t maintain your computer from crashing long enough to secure it. More often, you end up killing valuable beneficial time trying to undo the severe damage caused.

The miserable thing is, bulks of malicious software are written by a number of the most intelligent computer professionals around the planet. ‘Why’ is a question best left unasked, as the functioning of an individual human mind is too diverse and difficult to understand.

A computer virus can be defined as an executable program that is capable of infecting other computer programs by modifying them to include a copy of it, without the awareness of the user.


Computer Virus

Just the way people can spread the common cold by being in contact with other people, a computer virus comes in contact with other programs to infect them. By infecting the programs, a virus is capable of spreading through a complete network of computers, infecting each machine that is powerless of defending itself. While doing so, a virus could do considerable damage to computers, which could cost you a heap. The harm could comprise significant data loss, corruption of data, slowing down of the computer, interrupted or unpredicted dying of vital applications or it could be all of these. Additional probabilities are that you won’t understand that your computer is slapped by a virus until it’s too late.

Viruses have developed in numbers and have advanced in character over the period of time. Earlier than, it was pretty all right to have a fundamental and even obsolete antivirus program on your computer, which could achieve simple scans on floppies and disks. These fundamental tasks would meet the requirements of a computer protection at that time, but now, we require dynamic anti-virus programs, continuously running, defending our computers and inspecting every file in process.

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