To convert from AVI (Audio Video Interleave) to MPEG you will need to utilize software designed for that purpose. There are quite a few of these that may be found online, some are freeware and others may be bought. For this example iVCD will be used which is mainly compatible with Mac OS. You will need to download iVCD and obtain a component to convert from AVI, Xvid or DivX.

1. Start by downloading and installing the needed Quicktime component which as mentioned before will be required to convert from AVI. Different versions will need different components. The required components are as follows: Mac OS X 10.4 or later -Perian Quicktime Component and Mac OS X 10.1 to 10.3 -Universal AVI Quicktime components . To install simply double click the installer and do as is instructed.

2. You can start the conversion process by creating a new project folder or you can select one that has already been available. If you already have an available project then go to the area highlighted [Select Project] and then find your project. When making a new project you will must first go to the [Project Folder Dialog] and then click on [Create Project]. Label your current project folder being sure to attach MPEG to the end of the chosen name. The default settings will come into effect unless you alter them by going to the [Preferences] panel. By utilizing a project folder this will undoubtedlyhelp make the process simpler because of how long it may take . This way you may start and stop but still retrieve the information for quick use during your next session. You can also make copies of you DVD when you have created a project that is largely impressive.

3. You can now alter the settings in relation to the kind of MPEG you would like to convert. The different types of MPEG files include some of those that will be highlighted. MPEG-2 which is utilized to create a DVD profile. To do this change the [Media Type] to [DVD]. MPEG-1 is used to create the VCD profile. To this change the [Media Type] to Video CD. MPEG-2 is utilized to make an SVCD profile. To do this change [Media Type] for [Video CD]. You may also choose to configure the [Expert Settings]

4. Put the movie that will be converted in the movie list. It must be an .avi file. To do this click the [Movies] tab. Look for the movie file and select it. Drag it into the [Movies List]. You should see an indicator that may appear in either Amber/Green/Red, this is used to indicate that the movie is currently being burnt to a disc.

5. When you have satisfied all the settings and have dragged your video into the appropriate place you can then select [Convert to MPEG] button.

6. This will take some time, hence it is best to do this when you won’t have to use the machine. It will also take a noticeably longer time if your machine is slow. In general expect to wait no less than 4-6 hours.

7. Once the conversion is finsihed the [Convert to MPEG] dialogue should no longer be visible.