MP4 has become more widespread because of its application in many different kinds of portable players including Apple iPod, iAudio, Microsoft Zune and Creative Zen Vision. As a result quite a few people opt to convert AVI to MP4 for use in these more convenient players. Ownersof these portable players may go any were with them and watch their favourite movies at any time making it an appealing investment. Therefore, it becomes imperative for these users to installa good converter to achieve the best quality MP4 videos converted from AVI videos. There are several converters advertised online, most are relatively simple to utilize and should produce an MP4 that is worth playing. In this tutorial, YASA MP4 Video Converter will be used to convert a normal AVI video into an MP4 file.1. To begin you will need to download and install YASA MP4 Video Converter. Once it has been downloaded follow the instructions that appear in the setup window to install the program.

2. Load the program and then retrieve the AVI you would like to convert. When the program has loaded you should select the [Add Video Files] tab. Look for the file that has the AVI video. To make this process simpler place all your video files in one location so that the search can be performed more efficiently. When you have found the video open it by pressing the [Open] button in the present window.

3. Although the program is fairly advanced it is not hard to comprehend or to use. Preinstalled profiles are put in place to make video conversion less complex. You can look through the dropdown menu to choose one of these pre-set
profiles. By doing this you will not need to worry about the exact settings that should be applied to give you a certain kind of video quality.

4. Choose a destination for your soon to be produced MP4 file. This destination folder can be the same folder you are currently using to hold your AVI videos. To make things easier you may establish a folder that will store all your
converted videos and label with this in mind. You will not necessarily need to change the name of your file even if you will be putting it in the same folder as your AVI, the file extension will distinguish the two.

5. You can begin converting your video. However, if there are a few settings you are not satisfied with, at this point effect those changes. Once the settings are to your liking you may start by clicking quick convert.

6. A status bar will come up, this will indicate how long the conversion process will take. This may take a a few hours depending on your processor speed.

7. Once it has competed review the video to make certain that the quality is to your liking