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Give Custom Retro and Vintage look to your Images

Many of us click hundreds of pictures everyday, of family events, friends gathering, outings, weddings, and many more such occasions. But very few of us know very little of photo editing or Photoshop software. It did be really amazing if we could apply Vintage or Retro effect to our clicked images, very easily. Vintage or Retro Images: These type of images give a sense of dating or a period of lon

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Discover what technologies do websites use behind the scene

In the early days, it was quite easy to make out what technologies, tools, services, or programming languages did particular software or website use behind the scene by merely looking at their simple factors like design layouts, file extensions, webpage extensions, etc. But, with the advent of newer and ingenious technologies, it is truly tricky to gain this knowledge. Discovering what technologie

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Make use of Cloud services. More effectively.

Cloud and cloud services are the latest buzz words, be it with major organizations, medium businesses, individual developers or ordinary home users. Everyone wants to share and store their documents, media and files on to the cloud. That is because it is simple, you can access it anywhere, gives you centralized storage, provides backup and most cloud service companies claim that it is exceedingly

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Google+ Tricks: Play around with your Google Plus account

Google+ has unexpectedly become the next major online social network after Facebook, in an exceptionally short span of time. It propagated a tremor of news and critics over the media on its launch. Most of us already have a Google+ account or trying hard to get an invitation for the same. Compared to Facebook, Google+ seems little tricky to use at very first sight. That is probably because you are

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Design WordPress theme without any knowledge of HTML or CSS

Creating a personal blog or setting up your business website is simple using Wordpress – a well known content management system. But it may so happen that you want to setup Wordpress but do not have any programming skills, not even HTML or CSS. You got two options now – hire a Wordpress developer or use some ready-made theme from the Internet. Hiring could be little costly and using an

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Enhance your Google+ experience

Google+ is the hottest social networking buzz among the Internet audience today. People are rapidly moving their profiles to it and abandoning other social networking sites like Facebook. It also provides a superior user experience with modern graphical interface and other sophisticated features. In this article, you will learn few tips that will enhance your Google+ experience even further and ta

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Add Breadcrumb to WordPress

Breadcrumb is basically a navigation support used in software, websites or applications. It is an orderly set of links that denote a hierarchical path or trail within a website or software. It is used to indicate to the user of his/her present location within the website or software with respect to the homepage or landing page. It is at times also referred to as “Breadcrumb Trail”. Example: Ho

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Delete Google Account

Google Account is a valuable possession for most of us and loosing it may be more frightening than your worse nightmare. It helps access all the available Google services over the Internet. But, someday if you happen to decide to delete your Google Account, this tutorial will definitely guide you through the deletion process. Deleting your Google account will remove all the products and services l

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Delete Skype Account

Skype is the most widely used communication platform on the Web and was recently acquired by Microsoft for a whopping $8.5 USD billion. You simply need to have an account, login, add Skype friends and start voice or video chatting. But if you decide to delete your Skype account someday for whatever reason; this tutorial will certainly guide you through each step to delete Skype account. Skype does

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Google Account Password Recovery

Google provides lot many online services like GMail, Google Documents, Image Search, Google News, Google Maps and others. A user creates a Google Account which gives a username and password, and the same credentials are used to access all Google services. Since, a single credential is used to access all the services, it is very important to keep the password safe and secure. Note: It is recommende

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