What is WMV?

Windows Media Video or WMV is the name for a set of video codec technologies, reduced video compression format for several proprietary codec advanced by Microsoft. This was initially created for the internet streaming applications as
a opposition. The first version, WMV 7, was introduced in 1999 and the continuous development led to newer versions. It is based in ASF (Advanced Systems Format) that wraps a video bit stream. Products like the Microsoft Zune, Xbox 360 and Windows Powered equipment support this codec and can be played by players such as MPlayers and Windows Media Player.

What is AVI?

Audio Video Interleave or AVI is a multimedia container format announced by Microsoft in 1992. These files contain both audio and video materials in a file container that allows synchronized audio with playback. They support various
streaming audio and video. DV AVI is the type of file where the video is reduced to comply to DV standards. DV is the format for recording and playing back digital video.

Converting WMV to AVI

1. Download windows moviemaker.

2. Find the .wmv file that is to be converted

3. Open the file with Windows Movie Maker. The .wmv file may be needed to be imported rather than trying to open it with the movie maker.

4. Drag it to the timeline, which is a feature in the software.

5. On the left pane under “3. Finish Movie” select “Save to my computer.”

6. Click next after the dialogue box pops up.

7. In other settings choose DV-AVI.

8. Wait for Windows Movie Maker to finish modifying file.

9. The file is now converted from .wmv to .avi.

There is also a computer program called Advanced X Video Converter that can be downloaded. Once this is done the source files should be added by clicking the “Add Task” button on the main menu. Click “All to AVI” on the task window. Then click the “Add File” button to add WMV files that you want to changed to AVI format. Choose the location that the files should be saved to and then click the start button to start changed.

Do’s and Don’t

1. Check you system before you download the Movie Maker software or any modify software to make sure that it is adaptable with you system.

2. The changed file may be a very large size, so you should download some video editing computer program and reduced it.

3. Make sure that your video file is not protect or encrypted.