A JPEG file or (.jpg) is a file extension that is used to store photographic images. It uses a form of lossy compression to render images into a pre-set resolution and size. The type of compression does not sacrifice much image quality and allows images to be stored on a computer without requiring large amounts of space. It is a prominent file format, which is widely used in different areas of computing but especially on the internet for circulating and saving images on different websites.

A text file or is a format that is utilized to save data on a computer. These files are not restricted to lines of text and may also be inclusive of graphics and other types of formats. Text files have many uses particularly within formal or business settings and in schools. They are used to store textual information in a computerized format.

Word editors such as Microsoft Word allow much in the way of innovation when creating text files. The user is able to use quite a few elements to apply distinguishable characteristics to any word document. One method of doing this is to add pictures to whatever document is being produced. However, to accomplish this it will necessitate images that are currently on your computer in a separate location. The word document themselves do not come with the ability to produce JPEG images, hence you will have to obtain an image that is usable from an existing file on your PC. This process is very simple and is actually one method of changing JPEG to text. When the JPEG image is placed within the word document it will no longer be a JPEG file but an element of the text file. You will not need to purchase any converters to perform this action, all you will need is the image you would like to use, a program to load the image and a word editor.

Note: even though the true extension of the basic text file is (.txt) the image will not be saved on this kind of file because of the formatting limitations however, saving the file as a (.doc) file is one way to convert the JPG file to text and it will work just fine.

For this example Microsoft Word and Paint (Windows).

Converting the JPG file to Text

1. To start retrieve the JPEG Image you would like to use by loading it within a paint editor in this instance Paint.

2. When the file has been loaded you can copy the picture by choosing the rectangular tool from the panel at the left hand side of the editor. Drag the rectangular selection tool over the picture, you may crop areas if you do not require the full picture. Once the selection outline is seen around the edge of the selected area, you may either right click on your mouse and press copy form the drop-down box that appears or click on the [Edit] tab and select copy.

3. Load Microsoft Word.

4. Click on the [Edit] tab in Word and select paste or alternately right click on the mouse and select paste from the drop-down box which is displayed.

5. Dependent on the size of the image it may be too large for the specific document, adjust it using the mouse and the adjustment markers that will be displayed at the corner edges of the image.

6. You may perform further edits to the file and then save it as a (.doc) file.