iTunes is a media player from Apple which is compatible with most codecs including its very own Apple Audio Lossless Codec or ALAC which usuallycomes in MP4 format with the extension (.m4a) for audio files. The iTunes player has become very popular over the last few years and is used by a large segment of the computer literate populace. It is said that the file size of the MP4 is normally half of that utilized by the original uncompressed format.

Windows Media Player is also a widely used media player however, it is not compatible with as many formats. Generally it will only allow playback of WMA, MP3 and WAV format. Subsequently it may become vital to convert from the standard Apple Audio Lossless Codec or ALAC to a supported Windows Media Player format. Converting from one format to the other is not an arduous task utilizing one of numerous programs available online.

M4a files and mp4 files are produced when a CD is burnt using iTunes. The mp4 files are usually protected with DRM and hence cannot or more accurately should not be converted directly from a regular conversion program, this would be considered copyright infringement. Mp4 files are converted to WMA by first burning them to an audio CD and then extracting them from the CD to the media library in Windows Media Player. However, you can convert m4a files to wma files without all the hassle using a standard conversion program. For this guide WinFF will be utilized which is completely automated and easy to use. WinFF is free and readily found online. You will obtain files that are both Windows Media supported and of fairly satisfactory quality.

1. To Begin install WinFF Media Converter. Go to their website and download the program. Load the downloaded file and install the program in accordance with set up instructions.

2. Once the program is installed open it.

3. Find the files that you would like to convert. You may make things easier by putting the files in a folder specified for music files.

4. Open the files you will use for conversion.

5. Check the option at [Preset] that states WMA.

6. Choose convert and your files will be converted quickly. The time may vary depending on the number of files you have selected to convert.

7. A black window should be displayed on the screen during the conversion process, this will exhibit the progress of the conversion.

8. If you are using an older version this may not be achievable because the preset was not included in much older models, however, you may update it by downloading the new version from the website.

9. When the files have been converted test them in the media player and make sure that they are able to be played. Less often some files may not convert effectively because of trivial computing errors.