Cell phone booster or cell phone reception booster is a unique gadget modeled to enhance cell phone reception signals. It is very capable, reliable and valuable gadget that helps enhance the signal reception captured by cell phone users. At times, when people travel to remote places for vacations or business trips, they face problems with weak cell phone signal or no network coverage and aren’t able to communicate with others. Moreover, we at times aren’t able to make/receive calls in our own home; hence, we tend to come out into an open area for talking on the cell phone. At such annoying times, cell phone signal boosters are very useful and valuable instruments.

Cell phone signal booster is comparable to a cellular repeater since it strengthens signal reception to a cell phone tower. However, unlike cellular repeater, which can be deployed anywhere, a cell phone signal booster must be set up on a cell phone only. Furthermore, the signal booster is generally packaged with a complete kit that contains a support antenna, a phone recharge adapter and a power supply cord.

Certain aspects that should be remembered while purchasing a cell phone signal booster instrument are:

  1. Can the instrument be used only indoors or can it be used outdoors too?
  2. Is the instrument portable i.e. can it be carried around in a car while traveling?
  3. Which country am I going use the instrument in?
  4. How many cell phones can I connect to the instrument concurrently?

A cell phone signal booster can be linked between cell phone and a car kit that is supplied with the antenna. It strengthens the signal reception intensity as well as the power output of your cell phone up to the highest FCC value that is allowable. A majority of cell phones accomplish a power production of 250 Milliwatts. Formerly, cell phones were able to produce 3000 Watts of power. Hence, a cell phone signal booster helps increase the power production to the level of historical cell phones. A cell phone signal booster, which is typically an antenna for cell phones, can be attached to the cell phone by following the configuration process printed in the manual. Florida RF Solutions CA-DUORX, Digital Antenna DA4000 and Digital Antenna Booster-iPhone Kit are some examples of cell phone signal boosters.

Residential and commercial signal amplifiers are deployed at homes and offices where cell phone reception is very weak and frail. Such instruments eradicate issues like fragile reception and disconnecting calls for cell phone users. Moreover, such signal amplifiers require an outdoor building antenna to link to cell phone towers. There are even cell phone signal boosters for vehicles during traveling. Many a times while traveling by car, the reception goes on and off or becomes so weak that the call gets disconnected. Dual-band car cell phone signal boosters contain the capability to enhance signal reception 30%. Moreover, car signal boosters can concurrently be connected to multiple cell phones. Wi-Ex zBoost zP and Wilson SignalBoost Kit are examples of car cell phone signal boosters.

Nowadays, there are various cell phone boosters available in the market. Most of them function in a similar manner with analogous design models. Always purchase a cell phone signal booster from a renowned, esteemed and government approved electronic manufacture. Many cell phone signal booster manufacturers sell them with 15-30 days money back guarantee. Hence, one can always refund the investment if it doesn’t function appropriately.