How to Download Emoticons

Emoticons can be retrieved for many applications including Yahoo messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, Skype, MAC and for Blackberry Messenger to name a few. The general thinking is that the emoticons download is fairly easy to manage and can be done free of cost on a great many available websites!

Tracked as far back as the nineteenth century at which point they were routinely used in casual/humorous writing; emoticons have developed into one of the most common and fun internet applications worldwide. One of the most famous emoticons typeset is the smiley face which was developed in 1963 by freelance artist Harvey Ball. The smiley face was the founding basis for all other emoticons that came after.

Emoticons are graphics used to exhibit emotional connotations in a written format. A composite of the words emotion and icon, emoticons show meaning by using symbols or icons. They are frequently used in online communication, and more commonly in messaging applications such as MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. These applications also come with original emoticons but users are able to grow their selection by downloading emoticons from online websites.

The first step to downloading emoticons is to do an internet search for online sites that provide them. There are sites that will allow this business for free, so indicate this in your search engine. Free emoticons can be acquired on websites like and, which typically give emoticon downloads for free; browse through a number of sites and select the service that best represents your needs.

Once you choose your emoticon site, check over the emoticons acquirable and choose the ones you want to download to your computer. A great deal of sites may feature a “Download” button. Select the button and you can then keep the file to your computer. Display your new emoticons in the messenger or email program of your choice.

Exercise caution when downloading anything online. You should have a functioning anti-virus program on your computer in the event of any possible virus downloads.

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