Skype is the most widely used communication platform on the Web and was recently acquired by Microsoft for a whopping $8.5 USD billion. You simply need to have an account, login, add Skype friends and start voice or video chatting.

But if you decide to delete your Skype account someday for whatever reason; this tutorial will certainly guide you through each step to delete Skype account.

Skype does not allow to delete your Skype account from their records. However, you can only delete Skype profile details from your account. Removing your profile information along with any available images will ensure that no one else can access your Skype identity.

Note: All the reference to “delete Skype account” means to just remove all the available information within your Skype account.

Delete Skype account via their website

You can delete Skype account by logging into their website and removing all the available profile information.

Go to Skype website and login with your account credentials. Click on Account on the top-right corner.

Somewhere on this page, you will find an option Profile Details. Click Profile Details. Edit each field and remove the information.

Delete Skype account via software

If you have Skype installed on your computer, you can delete Skype account from the software too.

Open Skype software and login with your account credentials. Go to Skype > Profile > Edit Your Profile and remove all the information present in it. Remove your profile picture too, if present.


Remember, removing all your Skype profile information does not mean that your account has been deleted. Your Skype account is still available since they do not allow to delete Skype account once created. Now, if you never log into Skype with your credentials, you will always appear offline and no one will be able to read your profile information since it’s been removed.

We hope with the acquisition of Skype by Microsoft, they soon allow the users to delete Skype account.