Convert AVI To DVD

DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) is one of the most accepted and well-liked video storage formats nowadays. The DVD media storage format can store information/videos/movies with superior video and audio quality. Most digital camcorders and cameras record and store the videos in AVI (Audio Video Interleave) format. Hence, how to convert an AVI format movie into DVD format so it can be watched on a regular DVD player? The only way to convert an AVI file into DVD file is via video conversion software application.

Basic Steps

Obtain an easy-to-use, reliable video conversion software application

Many special video conversion software are available in market. Each conversion tool has its advantages and disadvantages. Some conversion tools may appear inclusive and easy-to-use, while others may be frustrating and incomprehensible. You’ll need the tool that greatly blends with your requirement, taste and understanding. The finest approach to locate the most suitable AVI to DVD conversion software is to search online, download few trial/evaluation copies and try them out. Few AVI to DVD conversion software are Adobe Premier, VSO ConvertXtoDVD, Xilisoft AVI to DVD Converter, Magix, Nero, Pinnacle, and Roxio Easy Media Creator. Always experiment on the evaluation copies before purchasing the video conversion software.

Many evaluation copies might be cripple-ware. Cripple-ware means that many features, which are present in the purchased conversion software, would be disabled or blocked in the evaluation copy. The most frequent methods to cripple video conversion software is to allow less than 100% conversion or expire after a specific period.

Experiment on the standard functionalities

Most AVI to DVD conversion programs will place a timeline and then allow to open AVI files and drag them onto the timeline where you can merge many files collectively to produce a customized DVD movie. The video conversion software should allow editing files, merging files, applying transitions, adjusting audio or video preferences, and adding chapters.

Factors to look for while purchasing

  1. Usability – The graphical user interface should be easy-to-use, easy-to-understand and vastly navigable.
  2. Features catalog – All the basic and crucial features should be present. The features requirement may differ from user to user, depending on their media-editing expertise, proficiency and interest.
  3. Cost – Compare the cost with other available video conversion software in market. Do not purchase a very expensive software and waste money.

Try to choose reasonable software with good interface, ease-of-use, availability of necessary features and moderately priced.

Free video conversion software

VirtualDubMod is a free video conversion tool. It can edit movie files, induce clarity in sound, improve picture quality, and convert to various video formats. Some additional CODECs (Coder-Decoders) maybe required for specific video formats, but overall, it is very useful tool.

Convert AVI to DVD and Burn Using Nero

Nero is widely-used, powerful conversion software to convert AVI files to DVD format and flawlessly burn them onto a disc. The fundamental steps given below will help convert AVI files to DVD:

  1. Open the Nero Express software and select Music
  2. Choose AVI Disc
  3. Insert a pre-formatted and compatible DVD into the DVD drive
  4. Click Add on Nero Express to add suitable AVI files and then click Finished
  5. Click Next
  6. Select the required preferences from the Final Burn Settings screen. Check the box next to Allow Files to be Added Later (multisession disc), if you would like to burn additional files to the same disc later on
  7. Check the box next to Verify data on disc after burning
  8. Click Burn
  9. When the burn process completes, a successful prompt will be shown. Click Ok

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