10 Best Antivirus Software and Firewalls

There are several customized security solutions available for just about every kind of user today. While the suspicious few may like to stack up a number of applications, just to be sure that their computer is secure from every threat in existence. Some are more than happy with barebones anti-virus software. We have highlighted some anti-virus and firewall packages that may be perfect for your computer.

Top 10 Best Anti-virus and Firewall Solutions

  1. ZoneAlarm Security Suite

    Good: Superb firewall, antivirus and anti-spam
    Bad: Anti-spam does not filter your existing inbox

  2. Panda Platinum Internet Security

    Good: Feature packed, great anti-virus and anti-spyware
    Bad: Anti-spam not very effective, firewall needs to be more secure

  3. Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security

    Good: Light on the system, impressive interface
    Bad: No real-time spyware detection

  4. Norton Antivirus

    Good: Impressive interface, powerful virus definition support
    Bad: Notably system heavy, no real-time spyware detection

  5. McAfee VirusScan Home

    Good: Enhanced interface, not too heavy on system resources
    Bad: No integrated firewall, no real-time spyware detection

  6. NOD32 Antivirus System

    Good: Very light on system, excellent heuristics engine, frequent virus definition updates in small packages
    Bad: No integrated firewall, interface aimed at advanced users

  7. Avast Home Edition

    Good: Free, light on the system, effective against viruses
    Bad: Barebones anti-virus with no additions such as firewall or spyware scanner

  8. EmailProtect Good: Goes beyond using white lists and black lists, easy to use
    Bad: Needs some manual configuration
  9. Spyware Eliminator

    Good: Real-time spyware scanning
    Bad: None in particular

  10. WormGuard

    Good: Easy to use, highly effective
    Bad: Slightly outdated but new version coming soon

Best Online Virus Scanners

  1. Panda ActiveScan
  2. GFI Online Trojan Scan
  3. Kaspersky Free Online Virus Scanner
  4. Trend Micro’s FREE Online Virus Scanner
  5. McAfee Online FreeScan
  6. F-Secure Online Virus Scanner
  7. ESET’s Online Antivirus Scan

Independent Comparatives of Anti-Virus Software

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