How to Convert Flac to Wav

The term FLAC is basically an abbreviation of Free Loseless Audio Codec. It is a file format that works by producing an audio stream that is more space efficient but without compromising any of the information located within the audio stream. In other words the audio is left in its original condition when this format is employed. It is one of the widely used lossless audio codecs however, it is not playable in most portable devices. As a result is many times important to convert from FLAC if the audio will be used in an external device. Of the many supported formats that are utilized in several players WAV (Waveform Audio Format) is one of the most prevalent. Even though these files are slightly bigger than MP3 files they produce higher quality audio, which some listeners may prefer. There are many audio converters that may be used to carry out this function. You can carry out a search via the internet to select the best one that is most suited to your needs. Quite a few of these may have to be purchased while a few are free. Remember that all converters are not created in the same way and you will not automatically get similar results utilizing a converter that has very few features.

For this guide FLAV audio will be utilized. This software can also be utilized for other conversions inclusive of MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, AAC and a couple others. The process is not hard to understand and with the program’s user-friendly interface you should experience no difficulties.

1. Start by downloading FLAV Audio Converter by going to the website. When the executable or (.exe) file shows up on your screen click it and use the Setup Wizard to guide your installation.

2. When it has completed the setup process it should automatically open the application, however, if not load it and get ready to convert your FLAC to AVI.

3. Open your FLAC files that will be used for conversion by clicking on the [Add] button to the left of the main window. Browse the files that come up to find the one you are looking for. To make things less confusing make sure that these files are stored in one set location prior to converting them. You can also drag and drop the FLAC files you intend to use into the program’s interface.

4. Choose the pre-set profile that will be utilized in the conversion process. To do this go to the drop-down menu that is marked [Profile] and choose FLAC to WAV. If you would prefer to modify the audio quality you can use the drop-down menu that is labelled [Audio Quality]. Once this is completed go to [Destination] to choose where your output file will be saved.

5. Now you can convert these files by clicking the [Start] button seen at the bottom right-hand of the interface.

6. When it has completed the conversion look in the output file that you previously chose or enter the default folder, which is the folder that containedthe original FLAC file. Test the new WAV files to ensure the conversion was completed successfully.

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