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Convert any printable document into PDF using DoPDF

Converting any document into PDF – a widely used file format for exchanging documents with friends, colleagues, business partners, etc – is at times a difficult and tedious task. You either have to do it by using some tool or an online conversion site. DoPDF makes it easy to convert any printable document into PDF with just one click. Imagine giving a print command and the document aut

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Repair PDF Files using the PDF Toolkit (pdftk)

Repairing corrupted PDF files can be a pain without the right repair tool. The PDF Toolkit (pdftk) is an effective and simple tool to repair PDF files. This tool provide other features like merging PDF files, splitting PDF files, rotating PDF files, encrypting PDF files, etc. I will only illustrate the repair feature in this post – you can probably explore other features in your free time. The P

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Converting Centimeters to Inches

The metric system is the unit of measurement which the world has familiarized itself with over the years. The metric system is the international decimalized system of measurement that is used around the world for calculating figures for personal, commercial and scientific reasons. All countries except the United States, Liberia and Buma accept the metric system as their official system of measure

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