Infolinks Self-Service Marketplace – Connecting You to the Advertising Realm with Ease

Infolinks – The Leading Industry Magnate for In-Text Advertising Network

Infolinks, the leading industry magnate for in-text advertising network, was instigated in the year 2007. Since then, the company has helped connect millions of publishers and advertisers from around the globe. Infolinks swiftly conquered the in-text advertising realm with original, innovative and pioneering business model propped up with most modern technologies. They facilitate advertisers to augment their market reach and publishers to capture maximum returns.

Prior to using Infolinks, I believed it was just another name among the myriad players in the in-text advertising market, and would fail to impress me. However, when I went ahead with one of their flagship schemes, I was in for a pleasant surprise. Adoption was a breeze, and their flexibility and enormity were indeed impressive.

As I write, Infolinks dispatches countless In-Text advertising campaigns across 250 billion pages of targeted content connecting with over 350 million unique visitors with 50 million clicks monthly.

Infolinks Self-Service Marketplace 2

Infolinks Self-Service Marketplace

Infolinks recently announced the commencement of the foremost and only Self-Service In-Text Advertising Marketplace, which will assist advertisers to swiftly and effortlessly build a targeted In-Text Advertising campaign with effective meticulousness.

“Infolinks new self-service model now makes it easy for anyone familiar with Google Adwords to quickly launch an In-Text Advertising campaign,” said Tomer Treves, Chief Marketing Officer of Infolinks.

Beyond the panorama of Google Adwords and Microsoft adCenter, advertisers had restricted alternatives to escalate their advertising investment. In-Text Advertising, the ground-breaking concept of displaying bubble shaped ads on hovering over text links, has established itself to be a workable and lucrative alternative.

Adding delight to the overall experience, the Infolinks Self-Service In-Text Advertising Marketplace readily offer:

– Ample targeting options (categories, keywords, geolocation, etc)
– Exclusive publisher network
– Creation of multiple sub-campaigns
– Formation of several ad groups
– Optimum keyword selection
– Bidding maximum and minimum CPC for each keyword or campaign
– Segment geographic and vertical marketing finances

Advance optimization features include effectively tailoring your campaigns to maximize return on investment and real-time reporting to interminably monitor conversions. A dedicated support team is always accessible to help you in case of unforeseen trouble.

This exceptional service, presently charged at $5 USD per day, has been operating in beta mode since last 60 days. Registered advertisers are already acknowledging elevated conversion rates for nearly half the price to implement ads in AdWords or adCenter. Opening an advertiser account in Infolinks Marketplace is straightforward and takes little time. Fill in and complete their registration form, give your billing details and then activate your Infolinks campaign. It’s actually that simple.

From offering ads via third-party company networks, like Marchex, Yahoo, and Microsoft to providing a plethora of ingenious services like Auto-Related Tags, Tag Cloud, Search Widget, Self-Service Ads Marketplace; Infolinks has already travelled a lengthy road and will keep continuing their endeavour to better connect different elements in the advertising realm, sustained with superior user experience.

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