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Discount Web Hosting

My friend Matt has given me a coupon to share with our readers here at TechiesGuide.  The coupon is for a very generous 75% discount on either shared or reseller hosting. The coupon is good at both WebHostingBuzz.com and WebHostingBuzz.co.uk. The picture above is Matt’s new UK data center in the East Midlands. It has 4,000 square feet of raised floor, with room for 30,000 more. To ensure u

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3G vs 4G – Which One is Right for You?

Consumers everywhere are hearing more and more about the power of 4g and 3g networks, but many of them are still confused about what these terms mean. Clear wireless as well as other cell phone companies and Internet providers are now offering 4g networks to consumers because it is the latest technology. Basically, most of the US is currently running on 3g networks for their cell phones, computers

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PayPal raises Receiving Limit to 3,000 USD for Indian Customers

Implementing the RBI rules and regulations, PayPal had mandated that each incoming payment for any Indian PayPal account should not exceed $500 USD per transaction. This had led to too much trouble and inconvenience for regular online Indian traders. But today, this news comes as a relief for many Indian PayPal account holders. Moments before, I received this email from the PayPal team stating t

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Infolinks Self-Service Marketplace – Connecting You to the Advertising Realm with Ease

Infolinks – The Leading Industry Magnate for In-Text Advertising Network Infolinks, the leading industry magnate for in-text advertising network, was instigated in the year 2007. Since then, the company has helped connect millions of publishers and advertisers from around the globe. Infolinks swiftly conquered the in-text advertising realm with original, innovative and pioneering business mo

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Steve Jobs is now in the iCloud. Statements from around the world.

Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder and former CEO, has died at the age of 56 after an extensive and highly public battle with pancreatic cancer on 5th October, 2011. Everyone around the globe is sad with this terrible news and sympathies are pouring in endlessly, showing their love and affection for the visionary. Below are few words from prominent people and companies around the world on Steve Job

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Flipkart updates on TRAI Regulations

Moments ago, I received the following email from Flipkart.com stating the notification changes as per the new TRAI Regulations put into place by the Indian government. Flipkart customers will have to follow the mentioned steps in order to receive SMS notifications. The email read as follows: Dear Customer, Due to the new TRAI regulations, we will not be able to send you Order Confirmation / Sh

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Taiwan Excellent Lifestyles Expo and Digit Forum Discussion: A Valuable Platform to Discover Technology, People and Latest Innovations

Pune to Navi Mumbai, on 17th September 2011, will always be a memorable tour to attend the Taiwan Excellent Lifestyles Expo and Digit Forum Discussion with anticipation to discover modern technology, meet celebrated industry icons and experience the warmth of hottest innovations. The key focus of the event was the showcase of Taiwan technology products, panel discussion with eminent people from th

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Find friends or strangers around you for a drink with LetsDrinkTonight.com

Want to go for a drink together? Let’s cheers! It’s really saddening when you desire to take a drink but find no companion to come along with you. Drinking alone can be boring and lonesome. It’s always better to have a companion, friend or stranger, along with whom you can talk and share things while drinking. LetsDrinkTonight.com, developed by Zephyr Pellerin, Allen Romero, Jeremia Kimelma

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PayPal offers Make Auto Withdrawal feature to Indian users

As many of you Indian PayPal users must be knowing that RBI or the Indian Government have recently limited PayPal account usage. It’s become mandatory to provide bank account details and PAN (Income Tax number) to continue receiving or withdrawing money. PayPal has now provided Make Auto Withdrawal feature to their Indian users since they are no more allowed to keep any money within their accoun

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Are most Internet users so dumb?

What AptiQuant says AptiQuant, a Vancouver based psychometric consulting company, recently carried out a small experimental study to evaluate the effects of cognitive ability of Internet users depending on the web browser they use. The company presented free IQ tests to around 100,000 individuals over the Internet. The resulting IQ score was recorded and graphed based on the web browser used by ea

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