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Online Services to Stream and Listen to Music

Music! Who doesn’t love music? Everyone does. Music is an imperative ingredient to many of our lives. Nowadays, music is available via numerous medium – music stores, online stores, online downloads, and online streaming. At times, it becomes quite tedious to store all those stack of music DVDs or manage thousands of music files on your computer. It can be also difficult sometimes to purchase

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Find friends or strangers around you for a drink with LetsDrinkTonight.com

Want to go for a drink together? Let’s cheers! It’s really saddening when you desire to take a drink but find no companion to come along with you. Drinking alone can be boring and lonesome. It’s always better to have a companion, friend or stranger, along with whom you can talk and share things while drinking. LetsDrinkTonight.com, developed by Zephyr Pellerin, Allen Romero, Jeremia Kimelma

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Online stores who sell funny and geeky tech gadgets

Aren’t you fascinated by interesting tech gadgets? I think everyone is, including me. It’s really fun to use and own geeky gadgets in our home and office. By geeky, I mean really innovative, creative, handy and fascinating gadgets like these: A look at the above picture definitely makes your desire strong to own them. For tech geeks like you, I thought of putting my efforts in digging

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Play interesting games for free at MyPlayCity.com

MyPlayCity.com offers pretty interesting games for 100% free and suitable for all ages. They host over 300+ free games with original graphics, innovative game play and unique features. Their category of games span from strategy-based like Time Management, Puzzle, Hidden Object, Brain Teaser,etc to action-oriented like Racing, Action, Sports, Shooting, etc. You can play few of the games online or

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Kill Your Online Identity with SuicideMachine.org

Is it time to end your online life? Have you really started living an online life instead of your real life? SuicideMachine.org helps you commit a virtual suicide – killing your online identity and your online world. Nowadays, most Internet users have started substituting their real lives with online lives – on Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, MySpace, etc. SuicideMachine.org will shift+delete your

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Searching PowerPoint Presentations Made Easy with SlideFinder.net

SlideFinder.net is a very helpful website when it comes to searching PowerPoint presentations online. It is especially helpful when you are making a presentation for office, college or school – you can search for the topic you are working on SlideFinder and acquire a bundle of reference information, ideas and presentation styles. A very good feature of SlideFinder is that it lets you search

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