Are most Internet users so dumb?

What AptiQuant says

AptiQuant, a Vancouver based psychometric consulting company, recently carried out a small experimental study to evaluate the effects of cognitive ability of Internet users depending on the web browser they use. The company presented free IQ tests to around 100,000 individuals over the Internet. The resulting IQ score was recorded and graphed based on the web browser used by each individual.

Are most Internet users so dumb?

As seen from the graph above, it is clear that individuals using Internet Explorer browser from Microsoft scored much lower than individuals using non-Microsoft browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc. Opera users seemed to be the smartest.

Detailed report can be found here.

What W3Counter says

W3Counter is an analytics company which releases monthly Global Stats on Internet users using which web browser, operating system, screen resolution, etc. The June 2011 report of their Global Stats shows the highest number of Internet users using Internet Explorer, which is 36.3% – followed by Firefox at 28.2% and Chrome at 18.7%. Opera being used the least at only 2.4%.

Are most Internet users so dumb?


If we assume that both of the above reports hold true, then we have maximum of dumb population using the Internet and very few smart people hanging around on the Web. It is also time for those using the Internet Explorer to dump it and start using other smarter browsers like Firefox, Chrome or Opera.

What are your thoughts? Are you the smart one?

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